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Why is brand management toolkit important for a creative agency?

A brand management toolkit is important for a creative agency because it helps to maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints and channels. By managing the brand effectively, creative agencies can ensure that their clients’ brands are presented in a cohesive and professional manner, which is essential for building trust and recognition among their target audience.

What role does brand management play in communicating a brand's messaging and values?

Effective brand management is critical for communicating a brand’s messaging and values to its target audience. By understanding the brand’s core values and messaging, creative agencies can develop compelling visual and written content that resonates with the brand’s target audience. By building an effective handover and the tools your clients needs the more brand champions their are going to be.

How can a creative agency ensure effective brand management?

To ensure effective brand management, creative agencies should develop a clear understanding of their clients’ brands, including their values, messaging, and target audience. They should also establish brand guidelines that outline the visual and written elements of the brand, and ensure that these guidelines are followed consistently across all touchpoints and channels. Finally, creative agencies should regularly review and update their clients’ brand strategies to ensure that they remain relevant and effective over time.

Are you taking work away from us?

While this may be the initial reaction, in fact we see this as a positive. We want you to keep doing what you are good at – being creative. We can look after the repeat work for you and facilitate any new ideas back to you.

We are bogged down by requests to create marketing material. Can Brand Meadow help?

Yes! We are here to help you turn your designs into a template so that your clients can create their own versions.

Can we send your our Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop files to use?

Yes! We use your supplied layered files to make sure the final output is exactly like your design. We are fully PDF-X4A compliant on PDFs and our digital social media files are high res.

Are there any templates that you can't do?

We love a challenge! Our digital & print templates for creative agencies are available in a variety of formats. We are also releasing new template sizes and formats all the time. If you have a request get in touch!

How Brand Meadow can help

For creatives,<br/>by creatives

For creatives,
by creatives

We created this product to aid our clients in managing and on-boarding new brands, born out of our own frustrations dealing with branding projects.

Designed assets,<br/>all in one place

Designed assets,
all in one place

You will no longer receive emails or calls from clients asking for assets, designs, images and logos in different file formats!

Collaboration<br/>between teams

between teams

The power is creating a team that cares. Our tool creates champions of your brand whether internal or external

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Rest easy knowing nobody is changing fonts, stretching logos and adding flashy Gifs!

Save time

Save time

Automate your designs and free up you and your team's valuable time!

Protect your brand

Protect your brand

You have spent hours crafting a new brand along with a set of guidelines.

Here are some of the things you can create in our brand toolkit

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