As we embark on 2024, it’s exhilarating to reflect on the remarkable strides made in the past year, particularly in the UK market. The landscape of 2023 was rich with innovation and transformation, setting a foundation for the trends we anticipate this year. Join us as we explore campaign marketing trends for 2024.

The progress in various sectors, from technology to consumer behaviour, has been both rapid and inspiring. In 2024, we stand at the cusp of further exciting developments, with emerging trends poised to redefine industries and consumer experiences alike. This year promises to not only build on the momentum of 2023 but also introduce groundbreaking ideas and practices that will shape the future. Let’s delve into what 2024 has in store, keeping a keen eye on the evolving trends within the campaign and fundraising landscape.

1. Candid Content: Unleashing the power of UGC to your audience

Create your own fun on-brand meme generator for fundraising and corporate awareness marketing campaigns.

UGC campaigns are still the top of my list when it comes to predicting brand and marketing engagement for the new year. A UGC campaign is the go-to method for a cost-effective growth, authentic marketing campaign especially with the increasing ways a consumer will engage with a brand.

Have you seen our UGC campaigns on yet? Throughout 2024 we will be publishing different ways you can add UGC to your campaigns.

2. AI – Content Generation is a click away. But, do I need to learn a new language?

How to use AI in your campaign marketing in 2024

According to Kantar’s Media Reactions 2023 , 67% of marketers feel positive about the possibilities of Gen AI. 2023 saw an introduction of new tools released each and every week. However, many marketing individuals have not explored the technology to its full potential. We found when discussing this topic with other people the primitive UI and flashing cursor was a blocker to a world where we expect buttons to do things for us. It was like “learning a new language”.

Here are some of the AI tools we have been using recently:

ChatGPT – Open AIs ChatGPT is a great benchmark.
Top Tip! Spend time developing your personas and teaching it about your brand. We often see generated content without focussing on the target audience.

Midjourney – The start of text-to-image with quality output. However, you do need prior knowledge and an account with Discord.

Shutterstock AI – Such a powerful tool. Hopefully, the death of scrolling thousands of images

Last but no means least, Adobe’s Gen AI in Photoshop!

3. Authenticity, Personality – keeping it real!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if campaign marketing were automated? Imagine creating a landing page with a 100% success rate, which automatically tracks and retargets, along with crafting an entire year’s plan for social media. The reality is, we now can! However, according to recent Stackla data (via SocialMediaToday), 90% of customers mention authenticity as an important factor in deciding which brands they like and support. As more re-purposed content is introduced into our feeds, top brands are aware that this will have a huge impact in 2024. Here’s how you can remain true to your audience…

  1. Develop and maintain target audience personas. Share with others in your organisation to ensure consistency
  2. Gen AI is a great starting point. However, verify the content remains true to your brand personas
  3. Personalise where you can. 2024 will be a year for personalised direct mail
  4. The current world and economy is unpredictable. Look at creating lasting relationships turning into loyalty


Keep in touch! We will be posting regular updates over the next few months.

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